Cinecast Episode 492 – The Pride Cry

With Kurt attacking The Fantasia Film Festival head-on, we must keep this one short before the next screening. That said, it might be argued that at this point, a Christopher Nolan film can be considered an event picture. And Dunkirk is most certainly an event – both the historical context and the theatrical screening. So it would be doing the film a disservice not to give it the attention it deserves with a nearly hour long conversation. So we discuss the technical and emotional aspects of everything Nolan excels at with this picture; which some might consider his masterpiece. You’ll get no arguments from us. So we talk Dunkirk and then move on to a couple of Fantasia titles that Kurt has screened thus far. We apologize for the slight audio falters at the beginning, but it is cleaned up after about ten minutes. We’ll be back next week for another shorter show in which we’ll tackle Atomic Blonde and Lady Macbeth.

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Friday One Sheet: In Praise Of The Hand Painted Poster

After last weeks tirade against the lazy photoshopping of guns into movie posters, let us show some love for the rare hand-painted poster, be it digital or analog. Consider this gorgeous poster for Ted Geoghegan’s Mohawk which recently premiered at the Fantasia International Film Festival. First off, using the reflection of the Mohawk warrior in the water to give the the poster an ‘upside-down’ feel, is supremely inviting to take a closer look. Second, the notes of red and white stand out against the dark shades of black that comprise much of the design. Third, the closer-to-the-middle credit block placement leaves space to have the forest and the moon in the frame, the lighting elements for the entire tableau. But also and indicator that this will be a film ‘lost in the wilderness’ both figuratively and literally. You simply do not see posters like this one very often, and it is a delight to seem them this well done when they come along.

(See also recent posters for The Shape of Water, and Let The Corpses Tan)

After the Credits Episode 213: Littlest Hobo Media Spew – June

Oh yeah! We’re loving this 80’s throwback.

The last few weeks have been a little slow in the TV department, almost as if Peak TV also takes a summer break, but thanks to Netlix for a healthy new obsession.

Join us as Colleen, Dale (Letterboxd) and I (Letterboxd) catch up with what we’ve been watching, listening to and reading over the last few weeks and our current obsession with all things GLOW.

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Trailer: The Shape Of Water


Beautiful and emotional and quiet. The latest film/fairy-tale from Guillermo del Toro, features a deaf Sally Hawkins tentatively courting a merman (Doug Jones) a Cold War 1960’s government laboratory where she works as a janitor. Michael Shannon and Michael Stuhlbarg are the G-Men, and Octavia Spencer Richard Jenkins, in full beard, are the nice folks. But really, the star as always is the visuals and the tone that the director is aiming for. Remember all those parts where Hellboy hangs out with Abe? This appears to be the feature length, even more romanticized version, and it looks wonderful.

The Lure, Disney’s live action remake of The Little Mermaid, Stephen Chow’s The Mermaid, Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman in Justice League, and now The Shape of Water. Mer-people are clearly in vogue at the moment. And while on that subject, so is sign language. The War For The Planet Of The Apes, and Baby Driver also made good use of sign as quiet character building.

Trailer: The Snowman


At one point the big film adaptation of Jo Nesbo’s serial killer novel, The Snowman, was to be directed by Martin Scorsese. Eventually the job went to Thomas Alfredson, a Swedish director who is no stranger to murder set stories in the ice and snow, as he stormed onto the global stage in 2008 with coming-of-age vampire drama Let The Right One In. This trailer mixes almost repetitive exposition with some really intense images, and a cool soundtrack. It’s hard to get a read on whether the story (one of many featuring the authors lead detective, Harry Hole) will be more Zodiac or Seven, but all things point to the latter. Rebecca Ferguson, Michael Fassbender, Val Kilmer, Chloë Sevigny, J.K. Simmons, and Charlotte Gainsbourg ensure the film will have no shortage of acting talent, combine that with a Hossein Amini (Drive, The Wings of the Dove and Alfredson’s exceptional directorial chops, and this has prestige written all over the gruesome subject matter.

Trailer: The Disaster Artist


Based on Greg Sestero’s best-selling tell-all about the making of Tommy Wiseau’s cult-classic, The Room, which has taken the title of the “Best Worst Movie Ever Made” from other inept stalwarts like Plan 9 From Outer Space, Troll 2, Fateful Findings and Manos: Hands of Fate, The Disaster Artist looks, from this trailer, to strike a good balance between the personalities of its stars, James Franco and Seth Rogan, and actually having a script (written down and everything) this time.

It has been impressive to see the cult of The Room grow over the past decade, but cinephiles are kidding themselves if they think the vast majority of moviegoers are even aware of Tommy Wiseau’s odd romantic tragedy. This new comedy tell-all stands a good chance of kicking things (or rather, casually tossing the football) into the widest popular culture frame. I like this trailer in particular, in that it is essentially just one scene from the movie, both The Room and The Disaster Artist, and a scene that fans of will know pretty well. It encapsulates everything that one might imagine behind the scenes, but everyone gets the humour of the situation instantly, it appears that this could indeed stand confidently beside American Movie, Ed Wood, and not just be another throwaway Rogan-Franco spliff.

The film debuted to excellent reviews at the SXSW Festival and will be released by A24, wide, on December 1st, 2017.

Cinecast Episode 491 – No Acronyms

“Game of Thrones” is back on the air! Feels like it’s been eons since we last left westeros; and if the lines on the faces of many of the actors’ faces is any indication, it has! At any rate, Matt Gamble joins Kurt and Andrew as they dissect the season premiere (s07e01). Before that though, Andrew and Kurt have little to complain about with the final(?) entry in the Planet of the Apes trilogy. We also have a decent Watch List towards the end in which Andrew visits 80s movie star icons, Gamble has taken advantage of his position to see some other current theatrical fare and Kurt has a preview screening for Lady Macbeth. So yeah, it’s a pretty packed show and we manage it as well as three apes possibly could.

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Trailer: Robodoc


The epic sized documentary and oral history of Paul Verhoeven’s ‘Porno-Violent’ American Jesus picture, 1987’s Robocop gets an equally epic sized 5 minute trailer. This project was a kick-starter from a couple years ago and has continually grown, but it appears that the creative team behind it have wrestled all the interviews and multimedia to the ground enough to cut the first trailer. Shoot-from-hell anecdotes, political satire, and other topics abound, and I am sure the documentary feature will be touring the festival circuit shortly.

This retrospective covers the making of RoboCop and its sequels as well as the cultural impact over the last 30 years and has been supported with over 90 of the original cast and crew.

Since I personally chipped in a few shekels to the campaign, I can confidently say, “I’d buy that for a dollar!”

Second Trailer: Blade Runner 2


If you want action and chases and a lot more Jared Leto, well then, this recent trailer for the Blade Runner sequel is probably tailored to your liking. Sure it sells it like a more conventional action-blockbuster, which I am confident it will not be, but there is your marketing department for you.

Also getting a healthy amount of trailer time are Robin Wright and David Bautista, but the real star here is the production design by Dennis Gassner and the cinematography by Roger Deakins.